The Great Buddha and Kotoku-in (Daibutsu) 鎌倉大仏と高徳院

Besides seeing the great statue's external appearance, it's interesting to have some information about him at Kotoku temple.  Taking a walk in the back of Kotokuin temple, you would see the very silent townscape. (En)

Kamakura’s Hasedera Temple 鎌倉 長谷寺

Beautiful temple is Hasedera having the wide and up-down garden full of flowers.  The light up, their yearly event in Nov., is wonderful. (En)


Kamakura beach kindly has the local people and vsitors enjoy surfing, and wind-surf. I do it, too.
Moreover, it makes us feel calm in mind when we just see it especially at sun set.



Enoden is the joyful trains.  It's a fun to ride on them and many Enoden fans enjoy taking their pictures.  By the way, you could find a very historical narrow river in front of COCOMO.  That is a place where Yoritomo's wife saw him off when he and his troop went to fight.



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Kamakura map

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