Menu as of Nov. 2015

Oyster dish

Fresh Oyster or Broiled Oyster (per pc)


Fresh Oyster (6 pcs)


Oyster Ajillo (5 pcs)


They are fried in the garlic oil.

Deep fried Oyster (4 pcs)


Roast Oyster with urchin sauce (2 pcs)


Roast Oyster with herb sauce (2 pcs)


Roast Oyster with garlic crumb (2 pcs)


Roast Oyster with tomato souce (2 pcs)


Oyster 4-kinds Plate (4 pcs)


* Refrain from the overeating and consider your physical condition, while our oyster is really fresh which has cleared the inspection standards.  And please have it in your own judgement.

Chef's special (Antipasti)

Fresh Oyster or Broiled Oyster ( per pc / 6 pcs)

\480  / \2,600

Bacon and vegetables


Tako and Japanese seaweed salad (Jp taste)


Tako is the octopus which is very popular ingredient for Japanese dishes. Seaweed is as well.

Garlic Shrimp


Ajillo of Oyster or Shrimp served with focaccia


They are fried in garlic oil. Select oyster or shrimp.

Saute of Japanese scallop and Zucchini with truffle flavor


Carpaccio of today's fish at market price

Fresh fish of today's catch.

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